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We create space through a
unique combination of engineering, construction and design.

Meet GCA


and Impactful.

GCA STUDIO is a specialized interior design firm founded in 2007, focusing on commercial projects. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating stunning and functional spaces that embody our clients' brand identity, while delivering the highest quality of service.

Projects Completed

Concept Design

Collaborative ideation and conceptualization to create innovative and functional spaces, capturing the essence of the project vision.

Schematic Construction

Efficient and skilled execution of the design plan, translating concepts into detailed construction drawings and specifications, ensuring quality and timely completion.

Project Management

Comprehensive oversight of cost, time, and quality to ensure a seamless and successful project delivery, coordinating all aspects of the design and construction process.

1. Nurture & Inclusive

Nurturing Leaning

Education / NGO.

Creating environments that foster learning and growth. Designing spaces that accommodate diverse needs and promote inclusivity.

2. Culinary & Vibrant

Culinary Delights


Crafting spaces that enhance the dining experience and showcase culinary delights. Infusing energy and liveliness into restaurant and cafรฉ settings.

3. Luxurious & Inviting

Luxurious Experiences

Hospitality / Facade.

Designing opulent and sophisticated spaces that exude elegance. Creating welcoming and comfortable environments that leave a lasting impression.

4. Trendy & Glamorous

Trendsetting Spaces

Shop / Beauty.

Designing stylish and fashionable retail spaces that resonate with the target audience. Creating luxurious and visually captivating environments for beauty and fashion brands.

5. Functional & Innovative

Innovative Environments

Workplace / Lab.

Designing workspaces that optimize productivity and efficiency. Creating cutting-edge laboratory environments that foster scientific breakthroughs.


Years of experience. Providing exceptional services.


Customer satisfaction. Maintained a consistent customer satisfaction.


Projects completed. Showcasing our extensive and expertise.



Proud recipients of numerous prestigious awards, recognizing our excellence and achievements.